The Association of Friends of the Nudist Beach of Cantarriján (AAPNC) is a non-profit association aimed at promoting nudist/naturist culture in and outside The Beach of Cantarriján (Almuñécar-Granada) as well as ensuring the environmental interests of the beach and the magnificent environment of the Protected Natural Park of Maro-Cerro Gordo that surrounds it.

In 2018, a group of friends who, year after year, saw as the practice of naturism was diminishing on a beach that had long since been a reference of nudism in our country, we decided to join to create the "Association of Friends of the Nudist Beach Cantarriján" and thus promote the use and enjoyment of the beach to the naked, preserving its nudist tradition , with respect and tolerance to anyone who practices it.

AAPNC is a young and dynamic association, open, plural and, above all, vindicative. It is formed by people whose common nexus is nudism, coexistence, love for Cantarriján and the situation in which it finds itself. All members propose and participate in programs aimed at the promotion of nudism through cultural, social, informative, recreational, leisure and leisure activities.

A year later, we became the third federated nudist association in Andalusia and the number seventeen in spain, belonging to the INF-FNI (International Naturist Federation).

By partnering with us, you can contribute an immense grain of sand in this project, because the more we are, the more strength we will have in front of the public administrations and all the entities to which we raise our requests, always in favor of improving our beach, in addition to being able to actively participate in all the actions that we organize both from our Association and from other organizations and naturist groups , linked or not to the INF-FNI.


He's "The Boss" of all this. Nudist and pure-blood singing. As prepared to lead the Association, as to sit on the Iron Throne and rule over the Seven Kingdoms (now Six).
The essence of the beach. Sweetness, good energy and a overwhelming personality in equal parts. Rooting craftswoman. Who doesn't have one of his creations is that he's never been to Cantarriján.
In love with Cantarriján since he first undressed in it more than ten years ago. The artist of social networks, web, communication and everything that throws him out.
The sensibility and constancy of the team. Illusion and desire to improve Cantarriján in everything it does. He's our large-sized Master Yoda. And it's not green, as you can see.
Joy and positivity personified. The grace and know-how of this malagueña of adoption is comparable to anything. Our irreplaceable Public Relations that many of us would like to have. But I'm sorry, we saw her first.
Our degree of experience and decades without putting on a swimsuit to get into the water. Neither turbito nor anklet. Parco in words but great in participation. Our Antonio is the most.
The most adventurous nudist on the board. The creative contribution with the most integral and cool brunette of Cantarriján. It has the superpower to make even the most textiles, remove the swimsuit.