Covid-19-time Nudism: From Social Nudism to Virtual Nudism

In the time of the Coronavirus, many nudists have forcibly changed our social nudity to the lonely nudity of our homes.

But is she really as lonely as we think?

The Internet has proven to be during the pandemic, the most globalizing instrument available to us. Much more than it already was, if that's possible.

The technological magic of the Network allows us to socialize with almost anyone in the world without having to move from the comfortable sofa in our living room.

Through the cam of our pc or laptop or, even better, from the camera of our amazing mobile phones, we can see ourselves and feel closer to our friends, family or even to our boss who untimely, can make you a video call at the most unexpected moment.

With the Covid we have learned to live nudism in a different way. But where are all those virtual nudists who are in the same situation?

First, we must prevent you from the big mistake of searching for other nudists directly through search engines like Google or Yahoo with which to share video conferencing.

It's not a good idea to look for them by putting in your search bar "nudist cam" or "nudist video call", because that will take us by defeats that have nothing to do with the meaning of our naturist life.

If sexually charged contents were hidden before behind the word "nudism", imagine now…

Nothing, you must almost rule it out completely.

In this sense, you have to think that what you really miss is sharing the freedom of nudity with your naturist friends, so really who you miss are your friends with whom you share towel, umbrella and moments abroad.

You already have the first part of the answer. Nudists are on your own phone book. Virtual nudism is in those acquaintances and friendships you've been making throughout your life.

And now it's time to know which app is the most conducive app to make contact with them.

There are many applications and programs, no doubt. And in these weeks, new ones have been emerging that have been improving and implementing existing ones.

Depending on how many nudeamigos you want to meet, there are several options. 

The same native Whatsapp app already allows you to make video calls for up to 8 people. Google Duo or Google Meeting also appear as viable and safe options for those friends with those you're looking forward to taking the midday online beer together.

For more massy nudeconferences, THE HOUSEPARTY or ZOOM applications are available for both your desktops and mobile devices. 

The latter is perhaps the most accepted option by almost everyone, including working groups, study groups or between national and international administrations.

Much has been said about ZOOM's lack of security and privacy, but living up to the truth, in recent weeks its creators have implemented the security of chat channels, with passwords and various cripted. And yet, the truth is that the worst thing that could happen to you is that, in the middle of our weekly nudist meeting, suddenly a lady came in who mistakenly wanted to meet her friends to play bingo… 😅

And once we have the tools… Are they safe? What are you talking about?  Do you have to get naked before you start or for?  Should we consider perspectives, viewing angles or even postures?

One aspect to keep in mind about online nudism is the feeling of moving in a safe environment. Members of the nudechar them need to feel in a certain comfort zone while naked and even more so, in front of a computer or mobile screen.  Especially in a medium as insecure as the Internet can be, where we could be just a screenshot to become very well known in places that even by far speak of naturism. So it is convenient to do so with people who either already know, or are part of recognized nudist collectives where there is not a single glimpse of doubt that can alter your tranquility.

About what to talk about is as easy as thinking about what you would talk to someone else in a situation of physical closeness. From chatting about the routine of the day, to commenting on a recent movie, series or book. Come on, the topic of conversation should be as natural as we are and about anything you want to do it.

As for posture or angle of view, is it something you're worried about when you're with other nudists on the beach? Do you think they're going to think badly of you if you see a nipple or if you're no longer seen? Or that another nudist was offended because your testicles are visible? The naturalness of your body is part of our social nudity and that is already an intrinsic character in nudists.

It is curious to see that some of these issues are tremendously similar to the concerns that many had when we started in nudism. It looks like a new beginning, but nothing further from reality. It is another step forward according to the times we live, in which sometimes we complicate life with questions that actually have a very simple answer.

In addition to video calls as a nudist meeting route, events and streaming activities have also emerged. A new way to perform live nudist activities, such as Yoga, Meditation, Tai-Chi, Fitness, Crossfit, Chess… but also through the screen. There is a wide range of partnerships that many associations, especially those that are part of the British Federation (which is always one step ahead) are putting into practice with excellent results and with a very high participation.

As you can see, even nudism has had to reinvent itself in a certain way. Surely this marks a turning point and opens a new page in the history of social nudity as we knew it.

But what will happen to these great initiatives when we can leave our homes "normally"?

Undoubtedly, we cannot fail to choose real-world nudism over virtual one. But saved all the questions raised above, it must be said that it is still a new added option quite fun and even enriching. Something that has certainly made us endure the worst images and the terrible scenarios about aspects of the future that we are going to encounter. 

When all this is over and we return to that much talked about "new normal", there will still be a lot of nudism within our homes and we think it would be a mistake that would disappear at the end of this global pandemic crisis. 

As we said, the video calls and the number of nudist streaming initiatives that have been created in these weeks, can and should be an interesting proposal that should have continuity in the future.

What do you think?

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