Hector Martinez and other great promonudists at the AAPNC Talks

The virtual tertulias that we have been developing weekly with our partners, became more international than ever as a result of what happened last Sunday, May 24.

With the theme of "Promonudism as a normalization of social nudity", great communicators and promoters of naturist philosophy were invited, opening themselves on this occasion to the participation of all those people who were interested and not only for the components of our association.

In addition to having the immense honor and pleasure of being able to count on our dear boys from Nuddízate, In Common Nudism (SNEM), Buena Vista accommodation, Finca Johanna – Projet Malaga and some more nudecompis, we were also accompanied by our esteemed Hector Martínez, President of the Nudist Federation of Mexico, A.C., who told us about the great work he does in the dissemination and standardization of nudism , from a simplicity and humility that is what makes him, a true and undisputed leader.

Many topics were covered during the talk in the hour and a half that lasted, and among them, there was no shortage of censorship of nudism on social networks.

Hector Martinez himself has been one of the victims of her, who has seen his Youtube channel canceled, with more than 1.3 million subscribers and 200 million visitors.

Recently, it has launched an action calling for signature membership for a Change.org campaign, in favor of normalizing the nudity of non-minors of any gender in HR. SS for educational, artistic, documentary and informational purposes and away from any sexual connotation.

Here's the link for you to sign: Normalize the human body in its natural form

More than half a hundred people participated and interacted live during the course of the talk.

Thank from here to all the great guests, their attendance. So to the many people, collectives, federations and nudist associations everywhere.

And while we are sorry that for reasons beyond their control, naked Wanderings' compis could not finally join us, that is the perfect excuse to see us another day 😉

We will try to continue to improve for vosotr@s and hope that you would forgive the small mistakes we may have made 🙏🏻