Cantarriján will attend lifeguard service for the first time

There is little left for us to tell you what the opening to the bathroom will finally be like on our nudist beach in Cantarriján. This will occur, presumably, from next Monday, June 1.

But until that happens, what if we can already tell you is this:

  • Cantarriján will once again have this year the maritime beaconing of protection, something necessary not only for the preservation of the special marine flora and fauna of the Paraje, but also so that the bathers do not jeopardize with the approach of motor boats.
  • We will have, for the first time, a relief post and the consequent lifeguard service on the sand. You know that it was another of the requests that we have been making since our beginnings and that, this year, it will be a reality.
  • The damage to the user pass-through gateway is already being fixed and its entire section is being painted, leaving this as
  • The eco-friendly garbage recycling islands will be re-installed in the coming days.

Now, all that remains is that we can soon enjoy our paradise with health and… of course…naked!