So was our Second Cultural and Nudist Spa Day.

On January 18, 2020, we celebrated our Second Nudist Spa Day, and also loaded with content!.

In the previous one, you know that we accompanied her with a sightseeing visit to the Castle of Almuñécar, the Majuelo Park and the biological reserve "Lorosexi".

This year, we wanted to do something new without losing the added value of doing it in the vicinity of our magnificent Natural Site and that, moreover, was something worth not to miss.

And that we believe that it should be visited all over the world at least once in a lifetime and that it will be part of our environment?

There is much to see, no doubt, but if something should be highlighted for being an Artistic Historical Monument and Cultural Interest of our Heritage, it is the impressive Cave of Nerja.

So, for that day, we proposed the following plan:

  • Breakfast at Hotel Al-Andalus ***
  • Visit to the Detunda-Cueva de Nerja Botanical.
  • Guided tour to La Cueva de Nerja, in Maro.
  • Lunch Buffet Free at the Hotel Almuñécar Playa ****.
  • Nudist Spa session at the Senzia Spa & Wellness, in Almuñécar.

And so, already gathered at the entrance of the Hotel Al-Andalus, we enjoyed an exceptional and abundant breakfast, where we had the opportunity to get to know all those who had signed up for this activity.

Then, we went to visit the botanical area, a large green space that is part of the Network of Botanical Gardens of Andalusia in Natural Spaces and that is divided into four well-differentiated areas (Traditional crops, Vegetation linked to the climate, Vegetation linked to special soils and Collections).

A great walk that served us to open our mouths to the subsequent tour we made of the impressive Nerja Cave.

In the Cave of Nerja, discovered in 1959, cave paintings have been dated that could be the first known work of art in the history of humanity, more than 43,000 years old. 

The total area of the cave is 35,484 m2. Considering that only 9371 m2 can be toured by visitors, we get a brief idea of its immensity, because only a third of the cave is open to be contemplated.

During the visit, guided and explained to our group by a professional of the Foundation, we were able to marvel and understand how small we are before the nature that surrounded us. A place that housed the lives of the first men to populate our planet.

Later, we enjoyed a group lunch at the Abdera Restaurant of the Hotel Almuñécar Playa.

Until finally reaching the true star activity of this day: The Nudist Spa session at the Senzia Spa & Welness, where we enjoy the beauty of its heated pool with jets at different heights and waterfall, the two sauna cabins, shower of contrasts and sensations, source of ice, indo-Roman baths, jacuzzi, fruit pool and boulders, hammam and Turkish bath with essence of eucalyptus.

Our bath-to-bathroom talks tasting cold tea, fruit pastes and detox juices were also not lacking.

And of course, also present were our nudist pets, the Neudies, who did not want to miss the two hours of soaking and relaxation.

An experience, in short, that with each call has more acceptance and gets to run out of more than forty places in just a few hours.

And we will continue to repeat it without a doubt, because it is enriching to always meet new friends and nudist friends, coming from many places on the peninsula, to many of our partners, to the friends who accompanied us from the Blog "Undress" or the owners of naturist lodgings, such as Yohanna and Laurent of "Finca Johanna" or Agar and Ricardo, of "Buena Vista".

Together, we do nudism and, as we have fun, we give visibility and normality to what should never be seen otherwise. Because there's nothing more natural than a naked body.

Long live nudism!