#NormalizeNudity new campaign in RR. Ss

From Cantarriján, we also join the campaign started by Héctor Martínez, President of the Nudist Federation of Mexico, A.C. to normalize the presence of the nudity of people not minor of any gender on social networks for educational, artistic, documentary and informational purposes and always removed from any type of sexual connotation.

If you want to join this campaign, you can take a photo like ours and post it on your walls or send us your images throughout this week, as we present ours today, to our email: actividades@cantarrijam.com, with the text:


Sign and share
Sign and Share

At the end of this campaign of awareness and normalization of nudity, we will make a great collage with all the received and give it publication to the fullest 💪🏻

Normalize Nudism with nosotr@s!